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Xevicom Forever Graphic Novel Comes To PC | Wii | PS3 | PSP | DS


Best Selling Fantasy and Science Fiction Author Darren Reid is to release his debut fifty page graphic novel as a free download on March 9th today announces the upcoming release of the graphic novel Xevicom Forever from best selling fantasy author Darren Reid. Set to go live on March 9th, this title will be free-to-download for a limited period of time from and A number of different versions are being prepared for release including Wii and DS, PS3 and PSP browser enhanced editions.

Xevicom Forever was written and created by best selling author Darren Reid and predates all of his currently in-print work.

"It was my first writing project," Reid explains, "I had set myself this goal of writing and producing a three issue comic which I could keep writing and producing if it proved popular. Unfortunately the production process became bogged down in delays and it was more or less buried by the middle of 2005."

The stunning graphics in this title were rendered by Michael Bushnell, Alex Cowles and George Williams who each illustrated different parts of the story giving the graphic novel a number of very different styles from stark and bold Indian inks to traditional comic art techniques through to digital paintings.

The story within the graphic novel follows the origins of three new heroes in the nightmarish future of Xevicom city. A dark and twisted tale of broken lives and shattered dreams, Xevicom Forever is a glimpse into the lives of the three protagonists and a hint of what it takes for a man to become a hero. Wizard magazine, the world's largest comic book magazine, said in 2005 of Xevicom Forever "Darren Reid's writes with an intense simplicity that breathes new life into a familiar dynamic."

Xevicom Forever has remained almost completely buried since the 2005 production implosion but since then its author has gone on to write and release best selling fantasy and science fiction novel "The Lord of Darkness and Shadow: The Chronicles of the Shadow Book One" along with a string of free ebooks made available on both the author's website and that of Reid's most recent online success was with his Wizard of Oz prequel, the interactive novel The Sword of Oz which was played over 10,000 times during the ten days since it went live - over half of these were from readers and players using next generation consoles. An expansion pack for this popular title is currently in the final production stages.

Of the upcoming release of Xevicom Forever Reid commented "It is wonderful to finally be able to share this story with the world. It has sat hidden away and obscured for far too long - I can't wait for the release."

The March 9th release will see Xevicom Forever joining both Darren Reid's growing library of free ebooks and that of which has signed up a number of authors to provide free literary content to gamers throughout 2007. Most recently has seen the release of On a Perilous Road by D.A. Adams, Two Wizards: A Chronicles of the Shadow Prequel by Darren Reid and a classics series which includes books by authors such as Arthur Conan Doyle and H.G. Wells. In the coming months a number of other titles by some of the worlds' best up and coming science fiction and fantasy authors are due for release on the site. All stories will be available for download on PC and with browser enhanced edition for next generation consoles.

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