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"The ONLY combat-grade xenomorph combat simulator", and it's coming to Xbox LIVE Indie Games "soon".

Next time its dark and the sky clear go outside and look up.  Every single star you can see plays host to millions of life-forms who are set on descending upon us and rendering us to a pink paste, like so much humanoid jam.  Is there no escape?  Is there no way to prepare ourselves for this onslaught?  Yes.  Yes yes yes oh yes!  MStar Games presents the ONLY combat-grade xenomorph combat simulator:  XENOCIDE

A delicious blend of unique animation, power-ups and a tentacle-shaking soundtrack mean YOU can prepare to wipe out the alien hordes!  For a mere 80 Microsoft Points, you’ll soon be able to download Xenocide from the Xbox LIVE Indie Games channel.  Don’t leave it too late – be like 6 out of 7 exobiologists and be ready to blow alien life-forms back up their own wormholes with XENOCIDE, only on Xbox 360!  Join us at and be ready.  The threat is real!  

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