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Xbox360StockTracker launch

Pinning down console stock.


Microsoft’s Xbox360 console is currently enjoying resurgence in popularity. An attractive price cut coupled with heavyweight TV advertising plus a continual supply of top quality games means that with Christmas just around the corner, the Xbox360 could be the first choice for many this year.

With that in mind the launch of aims to provide a stock locator service which does more than simply sell. ‘Considering the popularity of the Xbox 360 I was amazed at the lack of truly informative UK based Xbox360 Stock Locator sites.’ reveals site creator Chantal Matar.

‘I want to provide more than just a series of links, as while that is a useful tool, I believe many newcomers may be confused by the differences between the Elite, Arcade and Premium models. And with a lot of first time buyers attracted by the price cuts, I think it’s important that allows any user to make an informed decision before they buy.’

The new site boasts all the features you would expect, including a free Stock Locator system, which provides Automatic Pop-Up, Audio and Email alerts, informing the user instantly when a console has been found. This highly effective tool searches all major on-line retailers for currently available stock and updates itself every 60 seconds.

Chantal signs off by emphasising ‘Buying a gaming console is a big purchase for many families, they represent a major gift at Christmas time; and I want to provide an easy to use, informative service which goes above and beyond other stock locator sites.’

For more information concerning or any of the information contained within this press release please contact Chantal Matar at

Editor Notes: provides online Xbox 360 Stock Availability from a wide selection of established retailers plus a comprehensive price comparison service.

Contact: Chantal Matar


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