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Xbox teams up with Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football Limited - the very creator of fantasy football - is launching an Xbox Fantasy Football League on Monday 11th August, marking Microsoft's further involvement in football with the Xbox brand, particularly after the Xbox-sponsored 5ASIDE amateur football tournament.

Michele Marchand, Xbox Marketing Manager highlighted the reasoning behind the Xbox's involvement. "Statistics show that the majority of gamers in the UK either watch or participate within football. Our partnership with Fantasy League and the creation of our very own Xbox League will enable us to reach this core audience of the Social Gamer."

The official site will contain a microsite where players are able to put together their dream team with an imaginary budget of £50 million. Actual scoring is due to start on 13th September, with fantasy managers allowed to transfer a maximum of 20 players during the season.

The Fantasy League site will offer comprehensive statistics to aid players in the managerial decisions, and as an incentive there will be an incredibly generous 'Manager of the Month' prize of an Xbox console, four games, a movie playback kit, an extra controller, a steering wheel and an Xbox Live kit. The eventual 'Manager of the Year' will win an all-expenses-paid five night trip to Rio de Janeiro.

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