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Xbox Live makes Adweek's Digital Hot List

Microsoft's online application labelled a "game-changer" in the marketing stakes

Microsoft's Xbox Live online application has entered the Adweek Digital Hot List for 2008, ranking seventh on the list of the top ten digital platforms and online destinations for user engagement and marketing clout.

Top of the list came Google, followed by Facebook and the iPhone, with YouTube and The Huffington Post also featuring in the top ten.

But it's the first time Microsoft's gaming platform has made the Hot List, and Adweek's reasoning read as follows:

"Swelling from 6 million users to 12 million since the beginning of this year, it has landed sponsors including McDonald's and Doritos, the latter encouraging users to create a game around the brand.

"Nintendo Wii has grabbed headlines, but in marketers' battle for the living room, Xbox Live is the real game-changer selling downloads of premium programming while delivering a[n] expanding roster of original, ad-supported content.

"Doubles user base to 12 million since beginning of this year. Content partners include Paramount Pictures, NBC and TBS. Recent partnerships with Netflix and Warner Music Group to stream movies, music videos."

While there was no place on the list for products from Sony or Nintendo, if PlayStation Home lives up to its billing as the beta expands later this year, it may well challenge Xbox Live for honours in the marketing arena this time next year.

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