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xaitment/TriCAT deal

Licensed by TriCAT for their upcoming police training sim.

Saarbrücken/Quierschied, Germany – June 23, 2010 – xaitment GmbH / Inc., the leading artificial intelligence (AI) tool provider for the video games, simulations and military industries, today announced a new licensing agreement with TriCAT GmbH, a premier 3D virtual training and learning provider, based in Ulm, Germany. The company has licensed xaitMap, xaitMove² and xaitControl for its development of police training simulations, ranging from first responder training to Special Forces operations.

TriCAT’s realistic virtual 3D worlds will be enhanced using xaitment’s artificial intelligence tools, giving the simulation’s characters more lifelike features. xaitControl allows TriCAT to easily and quickly model its training scenarios and give computer controlled characters intelligence. The customizable elements of xaitControl also allow TriCAT to provide its customers with diversified training under the most realistic of circumstances.

xaitMap and xaitMove² give TriCAT’s virtual worlds an extra dose of realism, enabling characters to move inside and outside of buildings in a way resembling real life. Characters will know just how fast they can walk or run through their world, and will adjust their speed to avoid objects moving into their path.

“We are seeing very positive responses to our AI enhanced 3D simulations,” said Markus Herkersdorf, Managing Director and Sales Manager of TriCAT GmbH. “xaitment’s AI tools add a large amount of humanism and additional realism to our virtual simulations, enabling the training simulations to resemble real world situations as closely as possible. It’s easy to adapt our scenarios to our customers’ needs using xaitment’s tools.”

“TriCAT is a unique and innovative educational training provider for the private and public sectors,” said Andreas Gerber, Group CEO of xaitment. “Police and military forces, aviators and business individuals alike will benefit from TriCAT’s 3D training simulations. We are thrilled to be partnering with a company that is leading the trend of dynamic, high-tech educational training simulations with realistic interactions and encounters.”

xaitment values and works in close cooperation with its customers in the military and civilian simulations fields, providing them with the AI tools and support needed to achieve their individual goals.


For more information, contact:

xaitment GmbH

Julia Ziemann


phone: +49 (0) 6897 / 600 80-22

fax: +49 (0) 6897 / 600 80-20



About xaitment

xaitment GmbH/Inc. is the world leader in AI game tools for the games and simulations industries. Founded in Germany in 2004, xaitment offers AI middleware that goes beyond pathfinding. xaitment's AI game tools enable developers, through easy-to-use graphical user interfaces, to create hierarchical probabilistic finite state machines, automatic nav mesh builds, movement behaviors, crowd simulations, world descriptions, autonomic behaviors, and experience-based and inference-based learning behaviors for computer generated characters. For more information, visit

About TriCAT

TriCAT’s 3D virtual worlds offer a new dimension for technology-based further education. People will learn, try out solutions and optimize their actions in a virtual, simulated copy of the real world. By doing so, learning becomes eventful and memorable, gains in flexibility, quality – and last but not least – efficiency. Since 2002, TriCAT has offered high-quality, sustainable, and efficient learning and training solutions. Originating from the armed forces and aviation fields, we are used to meeting challenges and fulfilling the highest standards. We claim to combine the most adequate technological approach, including a coordinated didactical concept, with a convincing total solution. Maintaining quality from the very beginning to the final result is important to us. We offer the competence and experience necessary from one source as a full service provider. For more information, please visit

Screenshots of TriCAT’s 3D virtual training worlds can be found at

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