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xaitment/IPKeys deal

AI tools to me used to develop counter-IED simulations for the US mililary.

Saarbrücken/Quierschied, Germany – November 29, 2010– xaitment GmbH / Inc., the leading artificial intelligence (AI) game tool provider for the simulations and video game industries, today announced a new licensing agreement with IPKeys Technologies, GEARS (Game Engineering and Real-time Simulations) Division. IPKeys will use xaitment’s AI tools xaitMap, xaitMove² and xaitControl to develop 3D counter-IED simulations.

IEDs, or improvised explosive devices, are weapons such as roadside bombs, suicide vests or any other non-conventional type of explosive designed to create terror, confusion and indiscriminate causalities. IPKeys’ existing simulation project is called I-GAME (IED Game and Modeling Environment) and is facilitated through the Naval Air Weapons Center for the Joint IED Defeat Organization (JIEDDO). The company is using xaitment’s AI tools in I-GAME for its development of dynamic 3D pathfinding, navigation mesh generation, path generation, path following, enemy identification, tracking entity goals and building AI state machines.

“The simulations have drop-in/drop-out AI allowing the user to directly control any agent in the scene, or release them and let the AI take over and execute the directives it was given,” said Daniel Hettrick, Senior Program Manager at IPKeys, GEARS Division. The simulations are also being designed with the future goal of integrating xaitment’s higher-level AI tools, xaitThink and xaitKnow, which will allow IPKeys to develop more advanced, adaptive agents for predictive analytics and enhanced training capabilities.

“xaitment as a company has been a valued partner to our gaming solutions division. Their technology achieves a superb balance of cutting-edge capability and affordability which makes it an indispensible weapon in our game dev arsenal,” said Hettrick. Michael Dwyer, Lead AI Programmer at IPKeys GEARS Division added, “I love working with xaitment.  They have the fastest and best nav mesh generation I have ever seen.”

“We are proud that IPKeys has chosen xaitment as its AI partner. xaitment offers more AI products than any other company and has been concentrating solely on AI for more than six years – and that makes the difference. Providing our customers with state-of-the-art AI tools for the development of military training simulations is one of our core efforts,” said Markus Schneider, CEO of xaitment Inc. “IPKeys’ simulations train and prepare military personnel for some of the most important situations they will be faced with. With xaitment, IPKeys has a proven and reliable AI middleware partner with the most advanced technology and first-class support available.”


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About xaitment

xaitment GmbH/Inc. is the world leader in AI game tools for the simulations and game industries. Founded in Germany in 2004, xaitment offers AI middleware that goes beyond pathfinding. xaitment's AI game tools enable developers, through easy-to-use graphical user interfaces, to create automatic navigation mesh builds, movement behaviors, crowd simulations, hierarchical probabilistic finite state machines, world descriptions, autonomic behaviors, and experience-based and inference-based learning behaviors for computer generated characters. For more information, please visit 

About IPKeys Technologies

IPKeys, is an emerging strategic partner in the Federal, DoD, Commercial and Municipal Utility Sectors delivering expertise in the definition, development, integration, and deployment of Internet Protocol (“IP”) technology and communications systems. IPKeys has offices in New Jersey, Virginia, California, North Carolina, and Ohio, and was recently named as one of Inc. Magazine’s 500 fastest growing companies in 2010. GEARS – Game Engineering and Real-time Simulations division provides simulations, visualizations and serious games for the academic, private sectors, medical, and federal sectors using a variety of technologies including Flash, Unity, Lightspeed, Scaleform, and xaitment among others.

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