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X3: Terran Conflict

Tutorial video let loose.

Computer games developer Egosoft and Deep and Deep Silver, the games label of Koch Media, a leading producer and distributor of digital entertainment products, today released a tutorial video for X³: Terran Conflict.

In a game as complex and elaborate as X³: Terran Conflict, players will of course also encounter quite detailed controls. These were completely redesigned and modified for the last part of the trilogy, in order to offer players the best gaming and space travel experience ever. In order to familiarize amateur astronauts with these new and improved controls, Egosoft has created a special tutorial video. Among other things, this video presents the new sidebar controls via mouse and keyboard that make for a clearer structure and better handling. In X³: Terran Conflict gamers may adapt the controls according to their own preferences, and save those customized control settings. In addition, the final installment of the X series can be completely controlled by mouse action only; the tutorial video offers plenty of information about this as well. The management of multiple ships has been significantly improved. Ships are more easily managed and controlled in X³: Terran Conflict due to the newly introduced echelons. Up to 8 echelons can be formed, each containing multiple ships. Each echelon may be given different orders, which are very easy to call. Fleets of ships, almost unlimited in size, can thus be controlled by issuing a single order. However, any hard-core gamers and fans of the X³ series who wish to play the new X³ using the traditional controls can still do that. As a matter of course, Egosoft has integrated the option of playing with the accustomed controls in the game as well.

X³: Terran Conflict is a brand new, stand-alone game set in the universe of X³. It is the culmination of the X trilogy, with a grand finale that takes us all the way back to Earth's own solar system. Gamers can take on the roles of different characters in the X universe, or of a Terran military pilot, and experience a multitude of stories in the largest X universe ever featured – for X³: Terran Conflict will offer more missions than any other X game before. Meanwhile, X³: Terran Conflict will pose questions such as: How has Earth changed in all these years? And how will relations between Earth and its counterparts in the X universe develop?

About Deep Silver

Deep Silver develops and distributes interactive games for all platforms. The Deep Silver label means to captivate all computer and video gamers who enjoy and share a passion for thrilling gameplay in modern game worlds. Deep Silver works with its partners to achieve a maximum of success while maintaining the highest possible quality, always focusing on what the customer desires. Deep Silver products are designed to equally appeal to professionals and beginners, children and adults.

Deep Silver has published around 40 games since 2003, including the most successful adventure of 2006, Secret Files: Tunguska, the bestseller ANNO 1701 (co-published with Sunflowers), the challenging CrossworDS knowledge puzzle game, the horse simulation Horse Life DS, and the soccer MMO World of Soccer Online. Current developments include Warhammer® - Battle March™ (in cooperation with Namco Bandai), the action role-playing game Sacred 2: Fallen Angel (in cooperation with Ascaron), S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky, the sinister Chernobyl shooter for PC, and the new game from the Piranha Bytes team. Deep Silver's own developing studio Deep Silver Vienna opened in 2007. For more information please visit

Koch Media is a leading producer and distributor of digital entertainment products (software, games and movies on DVD). The company's own sales activities, marketing and distribution extend throughout Europe, and it has formed strategic alliances with numerous software and games manufacturers: Ascaron, Braingame, D3P, G-Data, Gamelife, Kaspersky Lab, Lexware, Namco Bandai, Pinnacle, Square Enix, Sony Online Entertainment, System3, etc. Headquartered in Planegg near Munich/Germany, Koch Media owns publishing and distribution branches in Germany, England, France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and the USA.


EGOSOFT, founded in 1990, is one of the oldest game development companies from Germany. Its team of industry veterans and dedicated game enthusiasts entered the international stage with the widely acclaimed X-Beyond the Frontier space simulation game in 1999. EGOSOFT is now exclusively dedicated to setting new standards in the space game genre and constantly improves the level of freedom in the X Universe. For more information on EGOSOFT and its products visit

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