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X05: Microsoft unveils X360 titles, but no word on launch line-up

Microsoft's Xbox 360 showcase conference has concluded in Amsterdam, with details of the launch line-up still elusive - but the company did take the time to unveil several new games, including an exclusive from Bioware.

Microsoft defied expectations by remaining quiet on the specifics of its Xbox 360 launch line-up at its X05 press conference tonight, but did use the opportunity to announce an exclusive new RPG title from Bioware and several other titles that will "lead" on the next generation platform.

Bioware's RPG, Mass Effect, is the first game in a trilogy, while Ubisoft was also on hand to confirm that Splinter Cell 4 will be appearing on Xbox 360 as well as other formats, and id Software revealed that it would be releasing a Wolfenstein title - developed by Quake 4 collaborators Raven Software.

Project Gotham Racing 3, Perfect Dark Zero and Kameo: Elements of Power will form part of the console's "impressive Christmas portfolio", Microsoft said, but that's all we know for now.

In other news, Eidos' Tomb Raider: Legend will also appear on Xbox 360, Microsoft said, as will a new instalment in the MotoGP biking series from THQ, and there were trailer spots for the likes of Silicon Knights' Too Human, Real Time Worlds' Crackdown and others.

Microsoft will be pleased to have secured Bioware's support for the next generation in particular. Last time out, the developer's Knights of the Old Republic Star Wars RPGs and latterly its original effort Jade Empire helped give the platform holder real credibility in that genre.

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