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Info on the Sparkling Sword and Teleportation spells, plus Phantoms and the Pangolin Warrior.

Sparkling Sword:

I learned this move from a warrior-priest who I helped bring a rare artifact to. He says that the spell "communicates with the gods, causing my blade to form a sparkling sword." Whatever the case I know I am able to throw enemies high into the air and slash them up pretty badly before they hit the ground. It's particularly effective against weaker enemies. (Requirement: Earthquake)


A chance meeting in the desert showed me this skill. I met a wise man called Azilir there and he told me all about his adventures and what he'd learned - including the secret of Teleportation. This spell can suddenly move you a few yards from your current position. Very practical - especially if I'm in a tight situation or if I want to surprise an unsuspecting opponent.


The Dark has raised the ancient sorcerers who served him from the dead and given them the power of flight. Five Phantoms make up a Pentalpha, which creates a powerful burst of dark energy. However, destroying one of the five phantoms breaks op the Pentalpha. As with all evil spirits, Phantoms are afraid of steel and are vulnerable to Elemental magic as well.


Pangolin Warrior:

According to legend, these anthropomorphic creatures used to have their own primitive, though peaceful, civilization. However, they were subdued and altered by The Dark. As he hasn't taught them to fight, they're only dangerous in great numbers, as they lack even basic combat schools.


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