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Details of the Through and Piecing Strikes, the Monster Generator and the Fire Elementali.

Through Strike: I learned this from an old monk. It's like Teleportation, except it combines that spell with a deadly blow. The Through Strike involves moving fast towards an opponent, piercing him through and through – then you find yourself behind your defeated opponent's back. (Requirements: Teleportation + Sparkling Sword)

Piercing Strike: The Piercing Strike isn't just effective against airborne enemies - I look good doing it! (Heh-heh!) The technique is more or less like a teleportation leap combined with a hard blow. I once saw something like it in a monastery, where monks were in combat training... but I want to perfect the Piercing Strike! (Requirements: Through Strike)

Monster Generator: Technomagical device which teleports all monsters within its range to the location of Ayumi. Equipped with a powerful defensive magic and vulnerable only to blades.

The Fire Elementali: The embodiment of Fire magic was born during the formation of the world, when the planet's surface boiled with volcanic activity. Those who are unlucky enough to meet a Fire Elementali should expect to die from extreme burns. As with all Elementalis, they're vulnerable to magic opposed to their own.

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