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Details of the Darkform and Earthquake spells, plus Crabs and Spiders.


Yes! The Dark power truly is amazing. I don't know why I never embraced it before. When I do, I'm rewarded with almost god-like qualities which I use to smash my opponents. I can feel the power flowing through me which allows me to run, attack, and shoot faster. But I also feel this power consuming a large amount of my souls. But there is the advantage of using other Dark powers such as "Darkball". I think it consumes less energy to use, however it doesn't seem like I can gain Rage while I'm using it. Interesting. (Requirement: Dark Rage)


I learned this skill when I was in the plains of Africa where a local Shaman taught me how to harness this ability. Originally it was used to scare away predators of the plains. I took it a step further and used it to smash enemies around me. I now use this power to help me get out of situation where I am surrounded but the only problem is when I am fighting flying creatures.


These little three-legged creatures, which are covered in thin armor, possess no defensive magic and are vulnerable to physical attacks, if you can hit them. They don't pose any danger alone, and even in a group, they appear to be disorganized, yet they can flank their enemies and attack in unison to knock down and finish off their opponents.


The most ancient predators of this world are Spiders. They were the first fighters The Dark drafted into his army. He gave them armor and taught them how to use a deadly ray. Lightning magic can ruin their defenses, as it melts their shells; however, The Dark didn't modify Spiders since storms are rare on the Island.

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