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Apprising you of the Fire Rage and Ice Arrow spells and the Galapagos and Depressor baddies.

More Action from X-Blades, the fast-paced action adventure game, featuring a blend of cinematic style and beautiful anime-inspired characters, combat and environments

Fire Rage: You know what they say. Don’t play with fire if you don’t want to be burnt. Well I’ve love playing with fire and when I do, some things really do get burnt. In my many travels I learned how to create a ring of fire that allows me to incinerate everything around me. Not only is this power good for getting out of a sticky situation, it’s also great for warding off troublesome boys who think I need their help. (Requirement: Fire Blades)

Ice Arrow: I got this spell on one of my trips into the icy world of the mountains, where I came across a settlement of beings that seemed to be half-antelope and half-human. I hid and watched how they hunted Yetis using these Ice Arrows. The arrows froze the Yetis stiff for a while. I knew that frozen enemies would be easy meat (or ice) for my blades – but it's easy to carry out a long-range attack on a frozen opponent too.

Galapagos: After screwing up the Giant Galapagos, The Dark began manufacturing a smaller version of the same creature. The clones were twice as small as the original, and although they didn’t have much stamina and their armor was weak, they obeyed orders without question. So of them were altered so deeply they became all but invulnerable to Light magic.

Depressors: The Dark uses these ancient and partially restored machines to control the creatures it’s changing. For example, Depressors were used to guard captured Pangolins during their transformation into warriors and servants of the Dark. These ancient creatures are heavily armored and equipped with huge machine guns; however, due to their construction, their reaction times are slow. Depressors are highly susceptible to electricity, which causes its microschemes to short circuit.

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