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A handful of new details.

More Action from X-Blades, the fast-paced action adventure game, featuring a blend of cinematic style and beautiful anime-inspired characters, combat and environments.

Fireball: I always loved fire, even as a little girl. Then people noticed that I was able to command fire in some mysterious way. That's why I have a special affinity for these skills � and I like learning them. A Fireball can be hurled against all kinds of enemies, even airborne opponents. On impact, it explodes and throws the opponent to the ground. This spell is really effective against Ice Elementals.

Fire Blades: The power of Fire amazes me, because it truly is a skill that has aided me in many battles. I've learned to harness the power of fire and imbue it into my very own gunblades. This is quite a skill to master because the last thing an adventurer wants to do is melt her own weapons accidentally. This spell also allows me to shoot blazing projectiles at my enemies as well. Fire is a beautiful thing. (Requirement: Fireball)

Dark Elementals: A particle of the Dark which has a slight awareness of its own existence. Little more than a parasitic vampire, Dark Elementali suck away their victim's energy after melting it down with dark magic. Since they consume a lot of energy and spawn quickly, they're often hungry and extremely aggressive.

Ice Elementali: Ice Elementali are the embodiment of Cold magic. The result of dangerous experiments conducted by ancient magicians, these creatures can stop the use of magic by binding their victim's body with ice, thereby slowing them down. As are all Elemantalis, they're vulnerable to magic opposed to their own.

X-Blades is a fast-paced action adventure game, featuring a blend of cinematic style and beautiful anime-inspired characters, combat and environments. Players assume the role of Ayumi, a charismatic and fearless treasure hunter who users her pistol blades and magic spells to defeat her enemies. X-Blades will be available later this winter.

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