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www.buffed.de is entering the booming online games market

Computec is starting a website for online games: 80 million hits per month by the end of the year

Fürth, 31. Mai 2006

Computec Media is launching www.buffed.de the internet-destination for all online-gamers on the 24th August 2006 at the Games Convention in Leipzig.

A wide range of services and the largest German World of Warcraft databank will position the service as a universal contact point for the community.

Online gamers invest on average 200 Euro a year in their hobby and play on average 18 to 26 hours a week. Online games, along with mobile games, are the largest growth motors in the games market. In Western Europe and North America alone, a sales volume of 1.8 billion Euros is predicted up to 2007 (Source: Screen Digest/Goldmedia). All market research institutes see Europe in particular as a growth market. According to Informa the six billion US-Dollar mark will be reached in 2010 on the international market.

www.buffed.de offers this rapidly growing target group a unique full service package and competent editorial coverage:

· News, tests and market overviews for all online-games

· Online shops with target group oriented products and services

· Communication platforms and chatrooms

· Voice over IP and website solution services

· Comprehensive databank search engine

· Instant game access

· User meetings and community event management

The centrepiece of www.buffed.de is BLASC, the largest German databank for World of Warcraft, the most successful online role playing game in the world. Under the address www.blasc.de this service currently gets more than 50 million page impressions a month. The acquisition of BLASC by Computec Media AG emphasises the service-orientated character of the website. The founders of BLASC helped create www.buffed.de along with the databank, in the future they will be employees of Computec Media.

Christian Bigge will take over management/chief editorship of www.buffed.de in addition to his position as manager/chief editor of the PC games magazine PC Action. "Computec Media is the first publishing house in the world with its own website in this future orientated market. www.buffed.de will increase Computecs' previous page impressions fourfold right from the start."

"With the launch of www.buffed.de on the 24th August, Computec Media is realising a major project, which we announced at the start of the year", said Johannes Sevket Gözalan, Chief Executive of Computec Media AG. "The destination for all nline-gamers will set new standards for this lucrative growth market."

The media company Computec Media is based in Fürth and reaches an audience of millions around the world of electronic entertainment every month through its magazines and digital media (DVD/Online). Computec Media offers its readers expert information about the complex topics of digital lifestyle, PC and video games, hardware, cinema/DVD and kids. The company currently has around 150 employees. Computec Media AG is an affiliate of Marquard Media AG, Zug/Switzerland. The publisher is Jürg Marquard.

For more information contact: Christian Bigge, Chief Editor PC Action,
Telephone: 0911/28 72-111, E-Mail: christian.bigge@computec.de

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