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More titles added to free games service.

MyRealGames.com offers free licensed games of all genres, so that everyone could find something to his liking: Shooters, Match3, Arcades, Hidden Object, Marble Poppers, Time Management, Cards, Racing, Kids´ games, etc. By the way, no pop-ups or ads will annoy the player during the game or between its levels, because advertising content is placed on the website only (it opens automatically when the game is closed). 

8 Ball Frenzy (Pool)

This game is a simulator of US 8-Ball Pool, providing a lot of options for the players to make their strokes proper and accurate. For example, the player can specify such parameters as cue ball contact point, force of impact, cue elevation angle, etc. The physics of the game is surprisingly realistic!

The Rise of Atlantis (Match3/Puzzle)

This beautiful match3 game provides the player with lots of interesting information about ancient states and cities of the Mediterranean area. All match3 tasks are parts of the player´s journey around the sea: upon completion of each specifically designed level the player gets a magic artifact and learns something about Phoenicia, Babylon, Egypt, Carthage, Rome, Greece or Troy. At the end the power of the artifacts will raise the legendary Atlantis. The game is both educational and entertaining for both kids and adults!

Crazy Serpentine (Racing)

The player rides a racing motorcycle, trying to get ahead of all the other competitors and to win the Cup. The track is called Crazy Serpentine, and it definitely deserves such a name: its turns, twists and various obstacles make the race really thrilling. The game is also remarkable for breathtaking views of a tropical island.

Terminator Bike (Dirt Bike/Sport)

Despite simple controls, this game not at all easy. The player controls a motorcyclist with up/down keys (to move forward or back) and left/right keys (to bend forward or to lie back). Using these four keys, the player should ride through the obstacle course, which becomes more challenging and demands more skill with each level.

Ancient Rome (Strategy)

This game is for those who want to develop strategic thinking without too much exertion. Ancient Rome, an addictive casual strategy, offers you an opportunity to build several ancient Roman settlements and to turn them into powerful cities. It involves training of workers and traders, resource management, construction of various buildings, etc. In case of success you will win the Emperor´s favour and build a fabulous villa!


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Founded in 2007, My Real Games Ltd offers free casual games of high quality without obtrusive advertizing. Among the most popular games there are El Dorado Quest, Amazon Adventure, Zeal, 8 Ball Frenzy, Rise of Atlantis and Terminator Bike. For more information on the company and its products please visit www.MyRealGames.com


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