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Episodic game distribution channel launching on October 15th with first helping of Aosphere.

Press release

France – Wednesday 4 June 2008

The episodic videogame distribution channel www.identifiction.com will be launched on October 15. Heading the program: videogames that take the form of weekly episodes in streaming mode. This is a revolutionary new borderline concept between videogames and TV series.

Videogames that you can follow just like a TV series

The website www.identifiction.com will diffuse its videogames at a weekly rhythm. They are intended for adults seeking content that’s original, irreverent, short and easy to access from any operating system and a wide range of computers (pc, mac, windows, linux, etc.).

“Videogames must be capable of rethinking their narration, formats and genres. They have to be capable of offering alternatives to established genres in the same way as American TV series have done by asserting themselves as an efficient counterweight to the movie industry. By taking the economic model of the series with short formats and attractive subjects available at definite dates and times, we are aiming at all those who have turned their backs on playing videogames due to lack of time or boredom,” analyses Olivier Masclef, Creative Director of Identifictions.

An original catalogue

The “Aosphere” series (Science fiction/adventure) will be available immediately the platform is onlined. The channel’s catalogue will be enhanced by two more original series, due from the end of the 3rd quarter of 2008 and the beginning of 2009. The series will be diffused in French, English, German and Spanish and subtitled in a large number of European languages.

The series and the people

Each series will be based on an innovative concept in which the players successively take on the identities of virtual characters, keeping to their underlying psychological traits while making irreversible decisions. “Contrary to traditional games, the aim is not to reward performance but the capacity to personify a fictional character,” concludes Olivier Masclef.


Identifiction / Widescreen prod

About identifiction: Identifiction develops, produces and distributes entertaining video series. Officially launched in October 2008, Identifiction is a brand name owned by Widescreen Prod., a company specialized in creating and developing videogames. The team has 50 employees (scenarists, game/level designers, programmers, animators, etc.).

Press contact:

email: presse@identifiction.com

Phone: +33 0472 849 877

Identifiction: 84 boulevard Vivier Merle


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www.identifiction.com official site under construction



Communities: pilou@identifiction.com

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