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Cash prizes and referral fees on offer at new online gaming site.

London, UK (12/08/2009)

Become a Professional Gamer!

Subscribe to our GAME CONTESTS to earn REAL MONEY, and become a Professional Gamer. When you subscribe to a GAME CONTEST you have 3 great opportunities:

• Play an EXCLUSIVE EPISODE of our games!

The ONLY way to get a chance to play these episodes is by subscribing to a contest!

• Win CASH PRIZES by making it into the top 10 players list!

• EARN MONEY by inviting your friends to join in!

After registering for a GamesForPro Contest you will receive a Friend Code by e-mail.

For every new player that uses this code during their registration procedure, Professional Gamers LTD will pay REAL MONEY to YOU!

Plus, every person who uses your Friend Code will receive a DISCOUNT on the entrance fee.

So what are you waiting for?

Subscribe to GamesForPro CONTESTS!Tell all your friends about the DISCOUNT CODE and give them your Friend Code.

Earn MONEY for every person that uses your Friend Code

Become a Professional Gamer!

Professional Gamers

Professional Gamers ltd. is an interactive entertainment software company.

Founded in 2009 by gaming industry veterans, the company develops and publishes worldwide interactive software, mainly on the Internet.

To begin with, Professional Gamers ltd. will focus on contests for RPG and Strategy Games.

Professional Gamers aims to provide a way for gamers not only to be virtual Knights, Generals and Mages, but actual Professional Gamers, through its online contests.

Professional Gamers: Earn money playing videogames!

For any question mail to: info at

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