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WWII Online: Battleground Europe

Updated to version 1.31.

Bedford, TX (PRWEB) June 25, 2010 -- In a continuing effort to enhance the gaming experiences to be had in the award-winning MMOG "WWIIOL:Battleground Europe" ( and attract new players, Playnet Inc and Cornered Rat Software have poured thousands of development hours into Version 1.31, one of the game's most ambitious and well-received updates in their long history. The development team was already deep into the code, art and production for 1.31 when it was publicly announced in the summer of 2009. After several months of closed and open Beta testing, v1.31 went live on the 9th anniversary of the game's initial launch.

Version 1.31 includes not only engine updates such terrain objects and environment, effects and rag doll physics, it also added game changing features. The new capture mechanism and dynamic weather are challenging players to create new tactics and strategies and adding new levels of excitement to an already engaging game. Players old and new are overwhelmingly positive about the update:

"I love the patch. Everything about it is totally awesome. Great work, again."

"Worth the wait!"

"Well done Rats, you took your time about it, but the end result is excellent."

"...This patch is one of the best, if not the best.

A full read me of the features included in v1.31 as well as game updates and announcements can be found on our website at A 2 week free trial is available at

Released in 2001, "Battleground Europe" is a brutal, online World War II based PvP in which players choose to fight for the Allied or Axis forces as ground troops, fighter pilots or tank commanders. It is a ground-breaking MMO that boasts thousands of fans worldwide.

For more information visit the official "Battleground Europe" website at

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