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Wrapstar GC offer

Free customized handheld "skins" on offer to publishers and developers demoing at Leipzig.



June 2008, London, United Kingdom – Wrapstar offers free customised skins to developers and publishers attending this year’s Game Convention in Leipzig.

Wrapstar are so convinced that all games machines and controllers not only look better when covered by their skins but also act as a great marketing platform that they are offering a limited number of bespoke skins for any developer or publisher attending the August show.

Wrapstar have delivered customised skins for companies including EA, Atari, Namco Bandai, D3p, Capcom, 2K Games, 7Up, Pepsi and BVG and want to show the world the quality of their product.

Wrapstar is putting its money where its mouth is and for a limited time only, is willing to have this offer taken up by companies contacting them at Do it today.


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