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Worms iPhone

First post-launch update released, offering assorted tweaks.

The hugely successful WORMS™ for iPhone/iPod Touch has received its first post-launch update with a suite of improvements largely geared around customer feedback and suggestion.

Players were quick to discuss the title on Team17’s facebook page and the iPhone team interacted directly to find out players suggestions on the games controls, performance and other aspects.

The title, which was a no.1 top-paid app for a lengthy period in various countries, was released July 12th and enjoyed its opening spell as the iPhone’s most popular game and still currently sits in the top 10 in the UK, joining the three other digital download Worms titles prolific debuts with Worms 2 Armageddon for Xbox LIVE hit number 1 during July following Worms™PSN’s successful launch in April.

Further upgrades for the iPhone/iPod Touch edition are in the works, with an update for 3.0 features to include Bluetooth multiplayer, improved 3GS visual effects and support for interaction with both Facebook and Twitter. The second major update will support full infrastructure Internet play, with voice support, leaderboards and other delights, which will make iPhone Worms™ one of the most fully featured handheld editions of the game bar none.

Full details on these exciting upgrades for the title will be forthcoming closer to their release as Team17 look to embrace the opportunities on Apple’s exciting platform and news will be relayed to our Facebook page ( as we progress.

Worms™ for iPhone & iPod Touch is available now, priced at £2.99, 3.99 Euro and $4.99.

WORMS for iPhone/Touch update v1.01

Major improvements:

• The option to change graphical settings for increased performance in game on 1G and 3G devices.

• More responsive camera controls, including the ability to make the camera zoom further in for a closer look at the action.

• The ability to flip the game screen based on the orientation of your device.

• Improved Ninja Rope controls allowing even more death-defying rope stunts.

• The ability to unleash devastating weapons on your enemies from the safety of a parachute.

• Shorter thinking times of AI players.

• Highly improved back-flip and jump controls, including a new finger swipe method for back-flip to make sure you never accidentally jump worms into the water again.

• The facility to customise the game even further by creating your own enemy teams.

• General performance increases across the board.

• Quick shortcut to zoom out/in quickly with a press of the top left corner.

Other fixes:

• 1st gen devices crashed if left on the pause menu for a couple of minutes.

• Removed game saving/loading dialog message box.

• Upon opening the weapons panel and then closing it with the resume game option, the worm would occasionally jump.

• The pause game button could cause the worm to walk left if held down.

• Non-scrolling text in the AI created team menu.

• Added initial boot screen asking user to hard reset their device. This is to help users get the best experience/performance (due to fragmented iPhone memory problems).

• Various speech-bank issues where a foreign language was being incorrectly used.

• During the hot-seat time of a turn, commentary text such as 'It's a brand new turn!' will appear underneath the darkened screen. The commentary text should appear when the turn has begun.

• Instance where a worm causes damage, but at the end of a turn no damage is taken.

• When viewing the How to Play options in game, the fire button and weapon panel buttons need to be hidden.

• Music incorrectly switching off when 20% power message has appeared.

• When the player quits a game, the in-game music carries on into the front-end. This is incorrect - it should be the generic front-end music playing instead.

• When the Holy HG comes to rest the particle effect obscures the weapon. The particle trial should only really be seen when the weapon is in motion.

• Various localisation errors fixed.

• Says heaths instead of health in how to play text.

• When the player selects a weapon, it would be useful for the commentary panel to display the weapon name for a couple of seconds.

• At present, if the player moves the camera and then aims with the reticule, the camera will re-centre on the worm. Fixed.

• Decompress music upon first launch in order to increase performance on older devices.

About Team17:

Team17 are a veteran UK independent developer/publisher founded in 1990. Key franchises include Worms TM and Alien Breed. Team17 develop & self publish on all major platforms.

About Worms TM :

Worms TM is a highly successful action-strategy game developed & published by Team17 on over 20 platforms. The game has been commercially & critically successful the world over. Each of the 4 recently digitally published editions for XBox LIVE arcade, PS3 and iPhone all reached no.1 chart positions.

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