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World's first WWII online FPS, 2WAR

DATE : Mar 2007

1. Overview

-Name of the Game: 2WAR (pronounce as 'two war')

-Developer: C-On soft

-Worldwide publisher: Freechal Inc.

-Genre: Online FPS

2. Service schedule

(* This is Korean schedule. Each country will have different schedule depending on a publisher)

- 1st closed beta test(Sep 8, 2006)

- 2nd closed beta test(Oct 25, 2006)

- 3rd closed beta test(Mar 9,2007)

- Open beta test(May 2007)

3. Game Features

Genuine WWII Online FPS!

2nd World War, the cruelest and the biggest disaster ever in the world.

2WAR is reviving the world's unforgettable historical moment into the online FPS game.

WWII theme is such an attractive material that creates endless movies, novels, drama, game etc. There are various FPS based on WWII setting, however they are limited into the platform; console or PC. Furthermore, the console or PC game is limited in terms of expansion of the game. Once you clear all the stages, that is it. You need to wait sequel. However, personally I think this is one of the biggest merits of online game that you don't have to wait the sequel. The developer patches the update and fixes the game bug every month. Addition to this, you are playing with real individuals not with AI.

As the first 2nd World War genuine ONLINE FPS, 2WAR could be downloaded in anywhere in anytime if you are connected to the internet and, where the game is licensed.

Large group Battle

2WAR reenacted WWII by thorough historical research. Unlike current online FPS games, the game has distinguished scenarios by Episodes presenting realism of the war. The game consists of 3 Episodes. If you start the game, you will be able to play individual game modes, Episode 1, 16 vs 16.

When you become a private first class, you will be able to play 32 vs 32 clan battles. A clan also levels up through the winning rate and experience points. By leveling up, a clan will be upgraded from squad to battalion upto division.

The game plans to support 50 vs 50 having the separate exclusive group battle server later on.

Authentic Maps and Weapons

In 2WAR, players are able to play at various famous historical battlefields as they are in the middle of the war. The game features variety of famous battle fields and notable locations through indoor and outdoor; Omaha beach from the Normandy breakout, Ardennes from the battle of Buldge, the port of Dieppe, Auschwitz, Stalingrad etc.

Characters, weapons, clothes, every items in 2WAR are designed to feature authentic WWII history. The weapons have distinctive feature same as real weapons; power, accuracy, recoil,etc. For example if your machine gun is heavy, you will move slower than others.

Axis and Allies basically consist of Germany, Italy, vs US, Russia, but a player could also choose from WWII participating countries later on. The game plans to support famous historical special force characters as well.

Various game modes

Currently the game features individual death match, team death match, capture the flag mode, capture the fortress mode and mission mode that you have to achieve the mission before the opponents. As I already mentioned above, these games modes are available both Episode 1 (16 vs 16) and Episode 2 (32 vs 32).

In the last Episode 3 will provide vehicles, which will create more war like scenes.

Just to look at the game platform, ONLINE, differentiates from current FPS. Addition to this, 50 vs 50 large group battle highlights the game's excitement. Imagine that the 50 vs 50 people are gathering one combat zone. They are not AI, but real people. This will make players feel as if they are actually in the middle of battle. Players could enjoy the game competing individually as well as teams.

For further information about the game, pls contact Jamie Cho at jamiecho@freechal.co.kr.

Contact : Jamie Cho/Director of Overseas Div.

(T)82-2-3488-6410(F)82-2-3474-1990 (E) jamiecho@freechal.co.kr

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