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World WarII Warfare

Open beta launched.

Playcomet(hosted by BItcomet) announced that their second browser game WarII Warfare Enters its Open Beta on April 22, 2009. All new players will be rewarded grand ingame gift and playcomet.com have been parted with several browser game portal site holding OBT code giveaway event. All new players will be rewarded grand ingame items and weapons. Also those who participated the closed beta will be give extra rewards in three ways.

For more details, please visit the official site : http://ww2.playcomet.com.

About WWII Warfare

Game Title: World WarII Warfare

Publisher: PlayComet (Comet Network Technology co Ltd.)

Game: Browser-based game- Strategy

Status: Open Beta Test

Language: English

Game Fee: Free to play

Official Site: http://ww2.playcomet.com


WWII Warfare is a free browser-based strategy game set at the height of World War II. With the Axis against the Allies, both sides will engage in the battle. In WWII Warfare, you can build your own base and develop your infrastructure, such as military academy, medical center, depot and command center, etc. Meanwhile, you can also make your streamlined weaponry and equipment according to your strategy. Ultimately, when you become strong enough, you can wage wars against your targets.



There are two sides in WWII Warfare, With the Axis powers against the Allies powers. Each side has its own special advantages and disadvantages. The units are also typically different between the two sides. Given these two different sides, it is important to choose your side---Allies or Axis strategically at the beginning of the game so that you can better safeguard and honor your territory.


There are three different types of resources in WWII Warfare: Oil, Steel, and Grain. Before you engage in the battle, you should construct some basic factories to increase your resource supply.


In order to explore more resources, you should construct or upgrade your shelter and factories like steelmaking plant, refinery, and farmland. A depot enables you to store more resources and an institute can make you own a military technology center.


In order to keep up with times, you need to build your military school and develop some research projects. Excellent technology makes your troops more invincible!


You never fight alone in WWII Warfare! You can join an alliance to fight together against your enemies. Alternatively, if you become strong enough, you can create your own alliance to invite more players to join you. By clicking on Map, you can view players around you. Also, we suggest you establish a good relationship with your neighboring bases.

Special Units:

You can recruit and train your special units like Infantry, Armor and Aircraft by which you will be able to launch a mighty attack or counter-attack on your enemy. Once you win the battle, you can loot and plunder enemy’s resources that you need very much.


One of the splendid features in WWII Warfare is the levelup of the commanders. The commanders can gain four Exp points by engaging in different battles. Also you can assign the points gained at your will to make your commanders stronger and customize your own strategy to attack enemies.

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