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World War One

Find out just how Great a war it was with this turn-based recreation from AGEOD, out in November.

7th August 2008

Ascaron Entertainment and AGEOD have announced that the historically accurate turn based strategy game, World War One, will be released in November 2008. The new game will allow players to take command of one of six Great nations including Britain, Germany and Russia, as they try to ensure victory and restore peace in Europe.

Players can take on the role of Kitchener, Joffre, Luddendorf, Clemenceau, Czar Nicholas II or Enver Pasha as they search for the strategy to avoid defeat in the first truly global war. All the tools for victory are available within the game, but it is up to the player to identify them and employ them in the most efficient way.

Charged with coordinating the manoeuvres of their Mother country and those in league with it, players are in command of a number of armies and fleets as they engage in combat on land and at sea. Crucial decisions, such as hiring the best generals, timely deployment of reserves and investing in weapons research, will help lead the player to a famous victory.

Clever tactical decisions can have a significant impact on the balance of war as the player decides on how to handle the Press, manage public opinion, build spirit or destroy enemy morale. Political actions, such as the deployment of diplomatic envoys to recruit neutral countries, could broaden the scope of the war, whilst tipping the balance of power in the player’s favour.

Highly accurate and greatly detailed, yet simple and fun to play, World War One will give turn based strategy fans the chance to change history and recreate the war that shaped the world.

Fast facts:

Publisher: Ascaron Entertainment

Web: /

Developer: AGEOD

Release date: November 2008


Format: PC

Genre: Historical Strategy

About Ascaron Entertainment

From Day One in 1989 Ascaron Entertainment has become one of the leading European “boutique” developers and Publishers of games for the PC, with many successful titles including Patrician, Port Royale, DarkStar One and SACRED.

Ascaron maintains development studios in Berlin, Gutersloh and Aachen (Germany), as well as an international department in Birmingham (UK). Ascaron currently markets its products in more than 40 countries and over 15 languages.

Ascaron Entertainment (UK) is an independent office and is highly regarded on a domestic and global scale. With a professional reputation, full-service product management, and a wealth of experience in the games industry, the UK operation manages the international releases of Ascaron's entire catalogue, whilst also providing a bespoke publishing, sales, PR and marketing function to selected affiliate label partners. Ascaron Entertainment (UK) continues to be responsible for successfully launching titles into the UK market from developers and publishers worldwide. Titles include the popular UFO, Panzers, Cossacks and Blitzkrieg series of games, as well as critically acclaimed hits such as Call of Juarez, Runaway: The Dream of the Turtle and TrackMania United.


AGEOD is an established independent French publishing company, founded in 2005 by a few French games industry veterans (including Philippe THIBAUT, designer of historical strategy award-winning games Europa Universalis™, Pax Romana™ , Great Invasions™, Birth of America™ and American Civil War™), based in Meylan, France (in the French Alps). Voted Developer of the Year by players on the Wargamer website in 2006 for our Birth of America game. Several new projects are under preparation for the coming months, and we expect most to be as successful as our last two titles, Birth of America™ and American Civil War™. AGEOD also offers an outlet for small independent studios and producers that are less fortunate in the marketing of their own games. AGEOD's first emphasis is placed on historical strategy games with original and innovative features. For more information, visit the AGEOD website at

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