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World War I

Developer: Dark Fox

Platforms: PC

Release date: Q4 2004

Genre: RTS

Game Overview

World War I is an RTS based on the modified version of the well known Blitzkrieg engine created by Nival Interactive. Player will assume the role of commander leading the forces of Germany, Russia or Allies. Gamers must be prepared to test their military leadership skills on the battlefields of Europe during one of the most costly wars of human life in mankind's history (1914-1918). Players will have to use tactical skills and wit to win. But victory is not only a matter of tactics as players will have to organize the baseline properly, set priorities in targets and succeed in defensive knowledge. Light cavalry will give players speed and maneuverability in offense, artillery - additional defense and fire support, armored vehicles help provide suppressing fire against enemies and air support will give commanders a chance to attack an enemy in their own backyard.


  • Command three sides of the conflict: Russia, Allied forces (British and French troops) and Germany (the German army also includes Dual Monarchy forces).
  • Dozens of units, including heavy, siege, field and trench artillery; cavalry, infantry, tanks, airplanes, sappers and medics.
  • Large-scale historic battles, such as Osovets stronghold defense and the Brusilov break-through offensive.
  • Realistic, detailed military equipment of the beginning of the 20th century.

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