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World Team Wargames Championships 2004

Over a weekend in October, the Boys at Slitherine were having a bit of a break from creating award winning strategy products to take part in their other passion, Tabletop Wargaming.

The World Team Championships were being hosted in that cultural outpost, Derby, with hundreds of teams assembling from all over the tabletop gaming world. This is an extremely important event in Wargaming circles with major bragging rights at stake.

For the uninitiated, Tabletop Wargaming can best be described as free form chess played with hundreds of accurately researched and detailed miniature figurines on realistically modelled terrain. There are tournaments set in various periods of history to suit all types of Armchair Generals.

Our Heroes are regular competitors on the circuit and were tipped to do well, however at the last hurdle they could not quite finish off their opponents to gain maximum victory points and as a result had to settle for 2nd place. Still, not a bad performance considering the hours that have been going in to create their next title LEGION ARENA, which is scheduled to go to Beta test this month.

We have action shots of JD trying to lure the enemy onto his defensive position where his mighty Bedouin Arabs can administer the coup de grace along with other shots of Iain with his beloved Roman Army in hot pursuit with the enemy scattered and broken in full rout.

Our gallant heroes collected their hard earned silver awards, showing no signs of their obvious disappointment on being piped at the post; maybe the celebratory drinks had something to do with this!

For Further information on Table Top Wargaming visit the British Historical Games Society, Web site

ABOUT Slitherine Strategies

Slitherine Strategies was founded in 2001 by a small but talented team with an insatiable appetite for hard work. Their first title LEGION (worldwide sales 150,000+) was released in 2002 and this has since been followed up by LEGION GOLD and CHARIOTS of WAR. To date they have concentrated their efforts in the TBS market where their prestigious knowledge of the Ancient World gives them a tremendous edge. They enjoy the freedom of developing and generating their own original ideas and the result is a series of games, which is a welcome development for Strategy fans. Slitherine's aim is to produce games that are both enjoyable, original and that will immerse players in a world were they can build and control an Empire through a subtle mix of military conquest, diplomacy and research.

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