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World of Warcraft opens European beta signups

Sign-ups have opened for the European beta test of Blizzard's massively multiplayer RPG, World of Warcraft, with the company now accepting applications from the public for places on the beta.

The sign-up period will run for three weeks, after which testers will be chosen based on a system designed to produce as wide a range of test environments as possible. Applications are welcome from all European countries, but the game is only available in English, French and German so far.

As we reported last week, those interested in prancing around with some elves and orcs for a few months at Blizzard's discretion should trot along to whichever of Blizzard's regional sites is appropriate to you: [English] [French] [German]

For journalists and media types, however, Blizzard has set up a more convenient way in; those wishing to participate in the beta should contact their local PR manager for details.

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