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World of Warcraft European Closed Beta Test Starts!

30/09/2004, 23:56

The European Closed Beta Test of World of Warcraft starts today and European gamers will be able to test the very latest version of the game, which includes the latest content and updates, following the push yesterday in North America and Korea. Moving forward, Beta Testers in Europe, North American and Korea will have access to the same content as future pushes will occur simultaneously in all territories.

The European Beta Test will initially offer the English language version, and in due course the French and German language versions will be introduced to the testing process.

The game will be tested in multiple phases and the first phase of Beta Testers is currently being notified by e-mail. This notification process will continue daily over the next few days. Thereafter, additional testers will be included each time a new phase begins and they will be notified by e-mail accordingly at the time. We intend to do our utmost to include as many players as possible from the pool of those who signed up to join the European Closed Beta Test.

We would like to thank again everyone who has signed up and wish you all the very best of luck in being selected.

May our paths cross in World of Warcraft!

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