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World of Kung Fu

Screenshot spot-the-difference event on the way.

- For Immediate Release -

We can’t play games forever, but we can be friends forever. Form the very beginning until now, we have been enjoying a variety of gaming experiences. They are all precious memories. How to cherish our memories? Picture is a good way!

Now a fantastic event to welcome players to offer their screenshots will be launched next week. It is called “Screenshot Collecting and Differences Hunting Event”! Just as the name implies, this event can be divided into two parts. The first one is collecting screenshots from gameplayers, and then screenshots will be processed and become footage material of the "Differences Hunting". “Differences Hunting” means there are two pictures which look very similar at first sight. But if you compare them carefully, you will distinguish tiny differences between them. So the second part is that players need to tell us how many differences there are between the two pictures.

Players can choose either or both parts of this event to join, Screenshot Collecting or Differences Hunting. This event will be held from August 17th to September 17th as a daily event. If your screenshots are selected, or if you are the first player who gives the correct answer about the number of differences between two pictures, you will win some excellent items in the game!

More details about the rules and the rewards of this event, please visit or check the “Event” section of to join the discussion with other players.

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