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World of Kung Fu

New US server to be fired up in Seattle.

- For Immediate Release -

The Free-to-Play Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) from VestGame Entertainment will open a new server in Seattle of the United States. World of Kung Fu players will benefit from enhanced performance and increased access speed. The new server is planned to begin operation on April 28th.

[Shanghai, April, 21st, 2009] –VestGame Entertainment will open a new server to keep pace with the large number of new accounts. The new server will increase speed and access times for all players. The new server will be endowed with a special name “Emerald Tiger”.

At the same time, a new version1.0.46 expected by players is about to release on April 28th. This coming version will give players absolutely fresh experience in the new adventure.

The most amazing section is that there will be two brand new maps and two Instances. The two new maps are separately named Mangrove and Piao Miao Zhou.

Mangrove used to be an import part of our beloved Middle Kingdom. A river goes around it used to be the only way to get into and out of Mangrove, the most beautiful forest in the world. As soon as Mangrove was occupied by monsters, danger stealthily comes to this river. And the Ship names "Piao Miao Zhou" is the last merchantman in this river.

The two Instances are coded Ancient Hill of Mixiang and Stone Fort.

Ancient hill is in the deep of mangrove. A famous couple, Sui Feng and Ting Yu tried their best to beat monsters and protect the villagers on the hill. Before they left, they took some rosemary to villagers. In order to thank them, villagers get the name from the special flavor of rosemary and called the hill "Ancient Hill of Mixiang".

About Stone Fort, there is another heroical story. The Wans was once the landowner of the Liuli Pool. The suzerain of Wans built a stone fort and trained many soldiers. So they can climb and protect villagers around the fort when they were attacked.

To get much more detail information about North American version of “World of Kung Fu” including tutorials, forum, screenshots, downloads, and what is new in V1.0.46, please visit the official world of Kung Fu website http://www.worldofkungfu.com

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