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World of Kung Fu

Fortune Boxm in stock at the item mall.

- For Immediate Release -

VestGame Entertainment is happy to announce the addition of a Fortune Box to the Item Mall in its free Martial Arts online game “World of Kung Fu”. The Fortune Box will allow lucky players a chance to receive high powered items for a fraction of their regular cost.

Shanghai, December 8th, 2008 – World of Kung Fu, the popular free to play Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) set in ancient China, is adding an important new option to its item mall. The Fortune Box enhances gameplay in World of Kung Fu by introducing the element of chance. Opening a Fortune Box will reveal a prize, which can be any of a wide variety of valuable items. Prizes include items that can help players gain experience, fix or refine inventory items, customize their character, and even transform themselves into incredibly powerful magical beings. Contents of the Fortune Box will be changed monthly so the experience will always remain fresh.

World of Kung Fu players of all levels can expect Fortune Box prizes to help them tremendously in their explorations of the 3D virtual world based on Chinese mythology. Common prizes include items that help players customize their character such as Dye Powder, or a Renovation Hammer that can help players repair broken items. More valuable items include beautiful mounts like a War Horse or Gallant Steed. Players also have the chance to win extremely rare and valuable prizes like Transform Cards or the ultimate mount, a giant flaming lion known as “Nian”.

Items such as the new Fortune Box have been instrumental in adding to the number of registered players of World of Kung Fu, which is now fast approaching the 300,000 player mark. For more information about the English version of World of Kung Fu including tutorials, forums, screenshots, videos, and downloads, please visit the official World of Kung Fu website at

About VestGame Entertainment Inc.

VestGame Entertainment is the publisher of "World of Kung Fu", a fully 3D massively multiplayer online game distinguished by its unique gameplay, beautiful graphics, and exotic storyline. VGE has offices in Shanghai and New Haven in the United States. More about the company can be found at


Jonathan Seidenfeld

VestGame Entertainment

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