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World Cyber Games 2008

Team UK's exploits at November's Grand Finals to be covered online.

30th September 2008, Southampton - Multiplay, organisers of the largest UK electronic games festivals, have announced their plans for the official UK Samsung World Cyber Games team. Due to go to the Samsung WCG Grand Finals in November, Samsung, Multiplay and partners Packard Bell, Xbox 360 and Intel will be teaming up with PULSE TV to bring coverage of the games to viewers at home.

The 21-strong UK team was assembled by Samsung at Multiplay's M Festival event earlier this summer, bringing players from 11 different games into a single national squad. The games include some of the most popular - and most skillful - titles of recent years, including Counter-Strike, Guitar Hero 3 and FIFA '08.

Multiplay partnered with worldwide WCG sponsor, Samsung to bring the UK finals together and will be looking after the team at the finals in Germany. The final players are:

Counter-Strike 1.6 (Team Dignitas)

• Alex ‘AlesKiWaY’ Way

• Kal ‘101′ Meek

• Kurtis ‘kurt1s’ Shore

• Mark ‘Spike’ Quigley

• Suffian ‘Suffz’ Arshad

Halo 3 (Dignitas.vVv)

• Azam ‘Bindle’ Abedi

• Peter ‘Adi’ McGranaghan

• Miles ‘Wra7h’ Ross

• Davinder ‘Singh’ Kalsi

Project Gotham Racing 4

• Ben ‘Live’ Morris

• David ‘Daveyskills’ Kelly


• Chris ‘ChrisyB’ Bullard

• Michael ‘Bazza’ Barrett

Guitar Hero 3

• George ‘Monkey’ Boothby

• Michael ‘MikeyBaby’ Jenkin

Command & Conquer 3

• Shaun ‘Apollo’ Clark


• Jamie ‘MidiaN’ Hallam

WarCraft III

• Jonny ‘Driftwood’ Ede

Need for Speed: Prostreet

• Steven ‘Stune’ Embling

Virtua Fighter 5

• Dan ‘Rayne’ Read

Asphalt 4

• Chris ‘Mellow’ Marsh

You can follow the progress of the UK team at the event via video blogs and find coverage of the finals by going to the WCG UK website @ http://wcg.multiplay.co.uk. You can find the latest news and info up to, and especially over, the event itself which take place in Cologne, Germany from 5th-9th November 2008.

About Multiplay:

Multiplay has recently launched its new games download service, Fileplay. Offering high quality sources for the latest patches, demos, maps, mods and trailers, Multiplay is committed to bringing a fast and comprehensive downloads service to the gaming community.

Multiplay is also Europe’s largest online games service provider, offering server hosting for the best multiplayer games of the day. Its self-owned and operated network infrastructure connects the UK with mainland Europe, providing the fastest connections to their servers.

Complimenting its online portfolio Multiplay organise the UK’s largest video games festival, the i-Series. Established in 1997 Multiplay have over ten years of experience in organising LAN parties and have seen tens of thousands of gamers attend the events.

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