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Word Soup tops MS Community Games

Microsoft issues first XNA Community Games sales chart

Microsoft has released the first ever top ten sales chart for its new XNA Community Games, with Word Soup claiming the top spot.

The word search title sells for 400 Microsoft points, and beats out Golden Royal Blackjack which took second place. The four player card game title, developed by Star Gaming Network, was released earlier this month at 200 points.

Side scrolling shooter, Weapon of Choice, came in third place after being approved for release yesterday. The title, developed by MommysBest, also won third place in Microsoft's Dream-Build-Play 2008 contest.

Shortfuse Games' Colosseum, a fighting game with up to four players and a six level multiplayer campaign, secured fourth place at 800 points, followed by another fighting game, ZSX4 Guitarpocalypse, by Jamezila in fifth place, costing only 200 points.

200 point title, Sin(Surfing) by Raph, took sixth place, In the Pit by luvcraft, the 400 point audio-only stealth game, came in seventh and Ganksoft Entertainment's Head Banger, the 200 point rhythm-based music game came in eighth.

Snake 360, by yrr, and Swords and Monsters, by Triple A Studios, both cost 200 points and close the chart off at nine and ten respectively.

Microsoft community games chart follows:

  • 01. Word Soup
  • 02. Golden Royal Blackjack
  • 03. Weapon of Choice
  • 04. Colosseum
  • 05. ZSX4 Guitarpocalypse
  • 06. Sin(Surfing)
  • 07. In the Pit
  • 08. Head Banger
  • 09. Snake360
  • 10. Swords and Monsters

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