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Word Duel

Multiplayer letter-juggling joining Microsoft's Live Search Club.


August 14, 2008 (Dallas, TX) – Dallas-based Blockdot has released “Word Duel,” an exciting multiplayer game for Microsoft’s Live Search Club. “Word Duel” joins many other awesomely addictive Blockdot-designed games in the Live Search Club library, including “Chicktionary,” Crosswire,” “Flexicon,” and “Discover the World with Matt Lauer.”

Your goal in “Word Duel”: wrangle up a group of letters and make more words than your opponent. You’ve got seven rounds to show you’re the biggest, baddest, word dueler in the West! Begin the duel by clicking/typing the letters in the windows of the saloon across the street. When you select a letter it will fall to the street below, and a new letter will appear in the window. After you have selected enough letters (five, six, or seven letters, depending on the round of play), start building your word by clicking/typing your letters in the correct order. Each time you submit a word, you’ll receive a search result powered by Microsoft’s “Live Search” technology.

You can play the wildest “Word Duel” this side of the Pecos by visiting Live Search Club at

About Blockdot and

Blockdot, a Media General, Inc. company, is a leading producer and provider of Interactive Entertainment and Advergaming technologies. Blockdot has created over 800 games for a broad range of brands and companies, including American Airlines, AT&T, Baskin-Robbins, Kimberly-Clark, Kraft, Motorola, M&Ms, Nokia, T.G.I. Friday's, Universal Pictures and Verizon. Millions of people play Blockdot games on its game site, which consistently ranks as one of the Top 50 gaming portals on the Internet and is used as the launching site for client Advergames.

More information on Advergaming can be found at


8350 N Central Expressway, Suite #400

Dallas, TX 75206-1600

Contact: Dan Ferguson



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