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Woodville Chronicles

Town-building match-3 puzzler available for download, with a trial version too.

For Immediate Release


Rumbic Studio is famous for its casual games of high quality - and Woodville Chronicles is sure to underprop such a reputation. The player passes through match3 levels that are getting more and more complicated, earns resources and gradually builds a beautiful town with a castle. In the end of the game the secret of the town will be revealed!

The gameplay is quite absorbing, as there are different game modes (time and relaxed) and types (Swap, Chain and Group). The latter correspond to different matching techniques - swapping items, selecting chains or blowing groups of matching items, respectively. By the way, unlike any other match3 game, in Woodville Chronicles the mode and type can be changed at any moment.

Beside the basic mechanics, there are special options to make the process more interesting - for example, the player may turn the playing area whenever he or she wants. That is, the player controls where the new items will appear and, consequently, where they will fall.

A level is completed when all marble plaques under the items are destroyed, and every next level becomes a little more challenging, as new obstacles prevent the player from building the fabulous town and revealing its secret. There are chests, single and double chains, enchained chests - all of them need additional explosions to be destroyed. But the player should not get discouraged: the useful tips and bonuses are always at hand.

The Lightning blows up several random items; Shuffle mixes all the items in the playing area; the Bomb explodes a chosen area; the Magnet removes all items of a chosen color; and the Row Exploder, as its name states, explodes a chosen row of items. Electrization is an extra bonus, which activates when the player blows up a large number of items at once - one item gets electrified and blows up all the surrounding ones. And, in addition to all this, quick players get extra combo scores.

To build the town, which is getting inhabited throughout the game, the player should construct 20 buildings, starting with sinking a well. There are 5 stages, each of them featuring 4 appropriate buildings and a special background image; completion of each stage is followed by beautiful fireworks. It should be also noted that relaxing background music and fine sound effects contribute to the fairytale atmosphere of Woodville Chronicles.

Pricing and Availability

Woodville Chronicles is compatible with Windows XP/Vista. A single-user license costs 9.95 USD. Further information on the product, as well as its free trial edition, is available at the product page.


Product page: http://www.rumbic.com/games/woodville/

Company web-site: http://www.rumbic.com


Rumbic Studio was founded in 2006. Among the products created by this company there are such popular games as Lost in Reefs, Wizard Land and Age of Emerald. For more information about the company and its products please visit the company website.


Rumbic Studio

E-mail: support@rumbic.com

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