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Wonton Studios - Don't Wake Dad

Or else.

Wonton Studios releases their first game for Apple Mobile Devices (iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone). “Don’t Wake Dad” is a fun application for those who are willing to play different games, and avant-garde game plays. Keep him asleep… or you will be grounded for a long, long time!

Dad is a cool guy with a double personality; while he is awake, he can be easy going. But careful, and don’t wake him up when he is sleeping… He might become your worst nightmare!

“Don’t Wake Dad” is really fun and also, simple. What you have to do is keep the flies flying around away from dad, so you (and everyone around you) won’t have to hear dad’s angry yelling; also, be careful not to shake your device! This game is available for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad, and you can find it at iTunes Store. “Don’t Wake Dad” is the first creation of Wonton Studios, a company founded in 2010. Our main goal is to complement the offer in the entertainment market, and also, as gamers, we want to make innovative applications for mobile devices, based mainly on creativity and artistic expression, comic style graphics and hi-fi music compositions.

About Wonton Studios: Juan José Uzcátegui and Martín Endara created us on 2010, two entrepreneurs, who, in their interest and passion for the gaming world, started to develop different programs and applications for mobile devices. As a company, our goal is to provide amusement to iPhone, iPod and iPad users, and also, be leaders on the mobile application market.   For more information feel free to contact us.

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Please visit our website: http://www.wix.com/wontonstudios/wonton-studios.

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