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Wonderland Online

The doors to the palace are now open.

As the design of the Cursed Palace counts down to completion, Wonderland Online ( players can get ready to enter the palace of mystery and danger.

The land is composed of 12 palaces, each of which is protected by one powerful fighter and 4 assisting guards. The Cursed Palace was inspired by constellations, so palaces are named after 12 zodiacs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces).

The first 3 palaces would be easily conquered, but as you step for the next level, the danger is growing. At first sight, those guardians might appear to be unbeatable. However, once their weakness is discovered, the task will be much easier.

If you are super intelligent and absolutely fearless, you might have some luck to pass 12 palaces with rich awards. After that you will face the ultimate challenge in your lifetime. In the final round, Athena will lead her four strongest knights to fight tooth and nail to defend her last territory. Only the bravest warriors with incredible brainpower have hope of defeating them.

The following lists the rewards obtained after passing 12 palaces:

The first 3 palaces are easy to be conquered, so no reward.

4th Palace Reward: Fugu Hot Pot*5 (Hp+300,Sp+300)

5th Palace Reward: Fugu Hot Pot*8

6th Palace Reward: Turkey*3(HP+800)

7th Palace Reward: Turkey*5

8th Palace Reward: Soy Porkbone Noodle*3 (Hp+800, Sp+400)

9th Palace Reward: Soy Porkbone Noodle*5

10th Palace Reward: Curry Rice*8 (Hp+1200, Sp+600)

11th Palace Reward: Love Picnic Lunch*1 (increase pet’s amidity)

12th Palace Reward: 4X Holy EXP Potion

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