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Wonderland Online

Info on the mercenary system.

The Wonderland Online Team ( has announced that the new Mercenary System will be out soon. Players can find Mercenaries in the capitol, Welling Village. Mercenaries are people who can help players to do quests and level up. Compared with other pets, during the employment time, the Mercenary will be loyal to the owner absolutely and even death will not decrease their amity, so the Mercenary will not leave their owner. The most important thing to remember is that the Mercenaries are experienced veterans who have great and cool skills. In this case, players with Mercenaries can use high level skills even from the beginning.


Scurry Beating: Emerges from earth to defeat

Stone Wall: A wall against physical attack

Terrafication: Change target to stone

The firm Earth Skills let Carl stand before players like a strong shield. He is useful when doing quests and leveling up.


Fire Stone Bead: Conjures four huge fire stones

Hot Fire Attack: Threefold energy attacks.

Mess Spell: Makes the target a mess.

Miranda has strong firepower which means she can deal with all blocks easily. What’s more, she is the only Mercenary who can use Fairy Skills.


Freezing: Attacks by freezing air.

Revival: Revives the dead.

Recovery: Recovers HP continually.

Death is nothing for players with Priest Thewlien, he can restore both the HP and EXP of the owner at the same time.

Players can choose the right Mercenary according to different situations. You will be able to have a lot more fun with the upcoming Mercenary System.

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