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Wonderland Online

Improve your pet's abilities.

Fans of IGG’s Wonderland Online enjoy the game’s diverse features, such as the house decorating system, crafting system and marriage system, but in the Clash of Champions update they will have yet another reason to cheer. The brand new pet rebirth system will allow players to take advantage of rebirth for certain human pets, improving their abilities.

Only some human pets will be eligible for rebirth, and must meet 2 requirements: the human pet must be at least Level 100 and must be involved in the death quest. As a result, the human pets that will be eligible for rebirth are Roca, Xaolan, Niss, Clive, Shasha, Qlaya and Magellan.

When these human pets reach Level 100+, players can help them complete the death quest to qualify for rebirth. After finishing the quest, players must visit Abba in the Holy Village Church. He will then revive the dead pet. This is not charity, however, since Abba requires players to trade some stars to have a pet brought back from the dead.

When the human pets have rejoined the team, it means their bodies have been reanimated, but their souls will still be stuck in the afterlife. To complete the rebirth, the pet owner must find the Energy Caster, who will summon the pet’s soul back into its body. When the soul has been returned to the body, the pet’s power will increase. The Energy Caster is hiding in a cave behind the Hanging Gardens, where adventurous players will also discover a splendid altar. Be careful, though, because the path to finding him is filled with danger!

Special Skills Earned from Rebirth

Xao Lan: Force Spall (strikes target with a mighty earth blast)

Shasha: Frozen Ball (strikes target with an icy ball)

Clive: Hurricane Hit (hits enemy with strong winds)

Magellan: Flaming Rock (attacks enemy with a terrible earth strike)

Qlaya: Air Ball (hits enemy with a sphere of air)

Roca: X Blast (blasts target with powerful lights)

Niss: Lightening Ice (strikes enemy with powerful ice)

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