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Wonder: The Evil

Free indie multiplayer RPG available to sample in alpha form.


Wonder: The Evil, a free indie multiplayer RPG game has an alpha available for download. The game is based on the RPG generator engine "Wonder" and is the first short game using the Wonder engine.

In Wonder: The Evil you are fighting to free Rivelund from the monsters terrorizing the land and try to solve the mystery of The Evil.

Haifa, Haifa/Israel -- December 17, 2010 -- Wonder: The Evil, a new free multiplayer game alpha available.

Wonder: The Evil is a free short multiplayer RPG game using the "Wonder" RPG generator engine.

The Wonder engine is still in development and may be shaped in many directions. The Wonder engine might eventually support 3D maps with construction and digging options, but currently it is aimed to be used for standard RPG games.

Wonder: The Evil is a short standard RPG game with mutliplayer support. The story is similar to old 8-bit consoles RPG games, but has it's own twist near the end. In this game the players fight to free Rivelund from the monsters spawned within the land, and eventually the players must solve the mystery of The Evil.

The game plays like an Rogue game, but in real time fashion. All the creatures and players move simultaneously one step at a time, but each step takes only 0.8 of a second. The battle mechanics are simple but the game elaborate on those mechanics.

Wonder: The Evil and the Wonder engine are still in development, but an alpha is available for download and play Wonder: The Evil. Most of the game play part of Wonder: The Evil is implemented but it is not a complete game yet. Feedback from players on the game may help shape the future of Wonder: The Evil and the Wonder engine.

About Pompi Pompi Entertainment

Pompi Pompi Entertainment is an indie company consisting of one person, Ofer.

Ofer codes and creates art for his games and contract other artists for the rest of the content necessary for the game.

Ofer has a CS degree from the technion and has worked in Microsoft on the Kinect project.


Ofer Rubinstein, Game Producer

Pompi Pompi Entertainment



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