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Women in Games Conference opens in Portsmouth

The Women In Games Conference, arranged and hosted by the University of Portsmouth, is getting underway today, with two days of lectures and breakout sessions on the role of women in the industry planned.

The opening keynote speech for the event has been given by Just Add Monsters co-founder Nina Kristensen, who worked on MediEvil for Sony prior to founding the Cambridge-based JAM which has gone on to create the critically acclaimed Xbox title Kung Fu Chaos.

"It's an honour to talk at such an event," according to Kristensen. "The videogames industry is vibrant, creative and fast-moving and whilst the number of women involved in it has increased over recent years, there's still room for improvement."

Other speakers at the conference will include Sony Online Entertainment's Sheri Graner-Ray and Channel 4 presenter Aleksandra Krotoski, who is well known with gaming audiences as the host of Thumb Bandits and Bits.

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