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Wireless Sharks Is In Search For A Publisher Of Its Brand-New Game Genetica!

Kyiv, Ukraine - 08.10.2007. Wireless Sharks, Ukrainian mobile games developer pre-announces the release of Genetica - new inventive mobile game and is in the process of looking for a publisher to distribute this game worldwide.

The game concept of Genetica lies in combination of the genetic engineering idea and casual puzzle. The beauty of the concept is in its gameplay simplicity combined with colorful effects and vivid graphics. The main advantage of the game over other puzzle games is its uniqueness on mobile platform.

A player will take the role of a genetic engineering scientist! In this game he will have to research on the existing type of creatures as well as breed the new ones with the help of the newest technologies. To do this he will have to combine different colorful atoms into molecules.

The game features 3 game modes and 40 predefined levels:

Research - Discover different creatures and that leave on Earth

Engineering - Create new unknown creatures in your lab

Free mode - Unlimited number of random levels

Other features of the game - Hi scores, Nice graphics and Easy control - use only joystick and OK button.

"As genetic engineering is a quite popular topic nowadays, it for sure reflects on the gaming industry, - says Teymur Mamedov, CEO of Wireless Sharks - A great advantage of the game is scientific setting with the emphasis on genetic engineering and of course high popularity of casual puzzle titles among the gamers. We for sure hope to boost our sales with the help of a right publisher"

Enjoy Genetica! Invent new unknown creatures by combining the atoms and creating new chains of the DNA molecules.

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