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Winter Voices

First episode, "Avalanche", available from Steam now.


Paris, October 22 nd 2010. Beyondthepillars, the French game production company, announced today the release of “ Winter Voices’” first episode “ Avalanche” on Steam (PC users only; Mac owners can exclusively download it on www.wintervoices.com ). Steam is the leading platform for digital content with over 30 million accounts around the world.

"We couldn't be happier signing our episode series with Steam. We felt that partnering with the leading digital games network, now offers the best way to bring Winter Voices out to a larger audience and enable our gamers to experience the many Steam community functionalities such as groups, chats and game play stats” said Guy Levi-Bochi, Beyondthepillars CEO.

 “ Avalanche”, the introductory prologue to “ Winter Voices” 7-episode season, provides between 4 and 5 hours of play. Each episode is available at $ 4,99 / £ 3,79.

Winter Voices” is an entertaining and pioneering role-playing game, whose main female character is at grips with the phantoms of her past. The team’s editorial and creative angle is to enable the player, through the provision of regular episodes, to follow the heroine’s physical and mental journey in an adventure that is riveting to the end.

Winter Voices” was presented to professionals at the Cologne GamesCom ( Germany ) last August and received good reviews including the nomination “Best RPG novelty” by RPG France.

The prologue “ Avalanche” was first played at the popular Festival du Jeu Vidéo in Paris (France) last September. Its innovative approach and unique game-play – defensive and psychological – were appreciated, particularly by the many games bloggers who came to meet the team.

Recently, Canard PC (French video games magazine) rated “ Winter Voices” 8/10 while the game’s exclusive soundtrack by Balthazar Bénadon, already freely available on www.wintervoices.com, has been highly praised, particularly in Anglo-Saxon markets ( GameVortex )

Beyondthepillars, an innovative challenger.

Beyondthepillars, a start-up creating digital game worlds and founded in Paris in late 2008, produces original online games for adults. The release of “ Winter Voices” perfectly demonstrates the studio’s philosophy to design, develop and distribute creative and accessible games for all.

Beyondthepillars, play better to live better 

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