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Patched to version 3.5.

Hampstead, NC, 18 December 2008

Ten years ago this month the very first mod by the Camo Workshop for Steel Panthers 2 was released and the wargaming world has never been the same. A decade of dedication later the Camo Workshop is still tweaking their ultimate super-mod, making the best even better, and with that in mind have now made available a brand new upgrade to their winSPWW2.

Bringing the game to version 3.5, the upgrade patch is available for immediate download and weighs in at 5.9 MB of digital excellence. The upgrade is for both the free download and the Enhanced CD Edition. Please note that if you have missed out on previous upgrade patches you must install the patches in their numeric order; patch contents are not all inclusive.

The version 3.5 upgrade patch contains the following additions:

• 9 new scenarios.

• 5 revised scenarios.

• 8 new maps.

• 6 new or revised photos.

• 2 revised icons.

• 36 updated OOB files.

• 2 revised graphic files.

• 3686 new icon spots added.

• Upgraded Cost Calculator, MOBHack, and Extended Map Editor. Minor adjustments made to all three to keep them in sync with other changes made in the game, but no new features.

Furthermore, the version 3.5 upgrade patch contains numerous fixes and corrections. Some highlights include:

• Fixed old "W" key bug where weapon ( 1 ) could not be fired when using the "W" (weapons ) key to fire only 1 weapon.

• On map Arty command units have been removed from the list of units able to act as spotters. They can no longer call indirect artillery missions which was allowing an arty cheat that existed back to Steel Panthers 2.

• The delay for adjusting the fall of shot for both on and off map artillery landing out of the observing units line of sight has been increased and in most cases now means only one adjustment can be made without delaying the next fall of shot an extra turn.

• Landed gliders are no longer automatically destroyed, but are now treated as abandoned vehicles.

• A bug with all units of a side being destroyed but the game did not end even if all objectives taken has been fixed.

• Changes have been made to the code so that if your vehicle kicks up dust due to movement then you can no longer undo that vehicle's action. (Note that this also applies for partial smoke that does not generate a smoke graphic in the hex).

• A new feature for gamers with the Enhanced CD Edition (only, does not apply to the free download version) allows players to check the location on the map of the other units in a formation with a hotkey or a button in the HQ menu.

• Off map artillery will now have a chance of losing radio contact and when they do they will not appear in the bombard menu. However, if a fire mission has been plotted and you lose contact the turn before the fire mission is scheduled to go in the fire mission will go in as scheduled but because it dropped off the bombard menu just before it did you will not be able to cancel it or shift fire.

• Many more fixes, including several specifically aimed at PBEM issues.

Download the patch at the official winSPWW2 game page:

winSPWW2 is the tactical computer wargame that everyone needs to play. Easy enough to get into, yet one of the most exhaustively detailed games on 20th century warfare that you'll find, winSPWW2 can quickly blossom into an obsession. Consider that before any of the upgrade patches are applied the core game comes with over three hundred scenarios!

Featuring combined arms warfare from 1930 until 1946 (with the sister game, winSPMBT taking up from where winSPWW2 leaves off), players will find a wealth of gameplay options. Fight as practically every single combatant that did (or could have) fought during that era, using a massive database of weapon platforms. Fight in single scenarios, campaigns, random battles, and against other live opponents in a variety of terrain and for numerous battlefield objectives.

winSPWW2 also sports another great feature: it's FREE. Right on the very same page that you can download the 3.5 upgrade patch from you can download the full game, no strings attached. You'll also note that there is a 'Buy It' icon...but if it's free, what is there to buy?

Besides the free version the Camo Workshop and Shrapnel Games offer an Enhanced CD Edition. Like the name says, this version provides a number of enhancements to the core gameplay experience, including very high resolutions and a much more robust map editor. The full list of differences can be found on the page. Many gamers find that being able to play winSPWW2 in 1600x1200 is reason enough to upgrade to the Enhanced CD Edition.

For more great strategy titles, including other completely free games to download, please visit us at There you can peruse our entire catalog, download some demos, and join in our ever growing community of discerning gamers. Our latest release is War Plan Pacific for Windows, an exciting game of grand strategy in the PTO that is playable in a single session!

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