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winSPMBT and winSPWW2

Both patched, gaining new campaigns, maps and so forth.

For Immediate Release

Hampstead, NC, 01 May 2008

Tactical combat fans everywhere, rejoice! The ultimate turn-based squad level computer wargame system has once again been upgraded! Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Camo Workshop in their quest for ultimate wargaming perfection both winSPMBT and winSPWW2 have new patches ready for your downloading pleasure. And as you've come to expect from the dream team of tactical wargaming these patches do more than just kill a bug or two, they manage to enhance your entire experience with a multitude of new additions. The best keeps getting better!

The new winSPMBT patch brings the game up to version 4.0 and includes the following changes:

13 new scenarios and 37 updated scenarios! One brand new campaign! 422 new photos (all units in the game now have associated photos)! 210 new and revised icons! 92 updated OOB files! 10 revised campaign files! 31 new and revised graphic files! 20 new maps! 122 new or revised picklists! Upgraded Cost Calculator, MOBHack, ScenHack, CampaignHack, GameOptions!

In addition there are twenty-four gameplay enhancements, revisions, and eliminated bugs. Highlights of some of these changes include:

In previous versions of both games, radios were given to almost every leader no matter what the radio codes in the OOB's were set to . This has changed (in both winSPMBT v4 and winSPWW2 v3) and now the radio codes are read for every company, platoon and section leader and if the OOB's are set up with low radio chance then that will be the chance those leaders will have a radio and be able to call in artillery. In conjunction with the above change you can now see which leaders have radios in the HQ menu. Vehicles that can carry passengers now have a load out report that will tell the player exactly its capacity and how much of that capacity is currently filled. Multibarrel weapons have a +6 point increase in accuracy for their high ROF. Routed/retreated units can no longer contact artillery. Enhanced CD Edition owners now have PBEM Campaigns added to their game folder.

And much, much more. You can read all the changes in detail on the download page.

The patch for winSPWW2 brings that version up to version 3.0 and includes:

16 new scenarios and 34 revised scenarios! 13 new and revised maps! 39 new photos! 27 new and revised icons! 36 updated OOB files! 2 revised campaign files! 9 revised graphic files! Upgraded Cost Calculator, MOBHack, ScenHack, Extended Map Editor, GameOptions!

Like winSPMBT there are also a lengthy list of eliminated bugs and gameplay changes.

Some of these include:

Radio changes and vehicular passenger load out reports like those mentioned above for winSPMBT. Fixed the problem with changes to water depth not saving. Level bombers now drop all their bombs. A bug in the WW2 Long Campaign fixed whereas before the AI would buy mines when defending but then not actually deploy them. Japanese were far too passive when fighting the Chinese in the Long Campaign. Players will now get more assault and advance battles and far fewer defend battles.

Can you guess where we're going next? If you said, "And more!" give yourself a cookie.

The complete list of changes can be found on the download page.

Speaking of the download page it's probably about time to point you in the right direction for these patches. Both patches can be downloaded from Shrapnel Games at the following pages:

winSPMBT Version 4.0 Download Page:

winSPWW2 Version 3.0 Download Page:

winSPMBT and winSPWW2 are the original official "super mods" for the classic SSI title, Steel Panthers (specifically working off of Steel Panthers 2), but over the years have grown from being a mod to a total reworking of the beloved game system. Deconstructed and rebuilt in every aspect, the core gameplay may have remained the same but players will appreciate all the tinkering beneath the hood that has occurred.

With literally hundreds of scenarios and the ability to easily craft your own (or find others who have already done so), these are games that can be endlessly replayed. There is a reason after all that a decade later the Steel Panthers community is still as strong and vibrant as ever. Finding opponents for multiplayer gaming is easy, and the computer opponent is always challenging if you're more interested in playing at your own pace.

Both games are available as FREE titles or available for purchase as Enhanced CD Editions. While both types provide the same core experience as one can judge from the name the Enhanced CD Edition well, enhances, what you get with the free version. The Enhanced CD Edition provides higher resolution options, separate map editor with cut and paste functionality, encrypted tournament play, 250 PBEM save slots, and encyclopedic sorting. The free version and Enhanced CD Edition is fully compatible with one another, so free owners can play against Enhanced CD owners, and vice-versa.

For more information on winSPMBT and winSPWW2 please visit There you'll also find our complete catalog of award-winning games (including other free full games for download) and demos for all titles. Our most recently released title is Scallywag: In the Lair of the Medusa, a dungeonhack game that also doubles as a full toolkit. Upcoming titles include the board games Eat Electric Death! and ETO: European Theatre of Operations, and the computer game War Plan Pacific that lets you fight the entire Pacific campaign in a single sitting!

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