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Might sound a bit girly, but actually an online RPG promising over 300 types of monter.

1. Characteristics of game

- Quick actions and arcade-like nature

- Systems designed for building communities

- Episodes that were specially formed for allowing both Single and Party play.

2. Quick & Arcade-like actions

- Speed-action battle that does not exist in other Online-RPGs

- Block, Run, Roll and Attack with simple keyboard controls!

- Collect materials to make your items stronger!

3. Systems for strengthening communities

- User-lists that can be used to collect parties and

chat with people

- Friend-list which allows users to collect and find friends

and chat with them

- Various feeling expressions by animation and sound

- Elements designed for trading items between users

4. Episodes that were specially formed for allowing both Single and Party play

- Users can explore the world of Winifred as they play through the episodes.


o Play with the feeling of console action games, such as 'YS' series

- Party-play

o Party is required in order to play certain episodes!

5. Hardware Requirements

- Minimum Requirements

o Windows 2000, Direct X 9.0, Shader 1.1, RAM 256M, CPU P3 -1.0Ghz

- Recommended Requirements

o Windows XP, Direct X 9.0, Shader 2.0, RAM 512M, CPU P4 -2.1Ghz

6. Current embody-process of Winifred

- 30 Regular episodes and 5 Elite episodes

- Over 500 quests

- Enchantments and magic-endowment for strengthening items, and systems for item creation

- PvP battle system

- 4 types of characters that represent classes and races (4 additional characters will be updated)

- 28 types of boss-monsters

- Over 300 types of monsters (diversity of more than 147 types)

- Messenger, Skill-slot systems and so on

7. Game contents and systems that will be further updated

- Guild system

- Change of UI

- Contents that are followed after expansion of level-limits, such as Episodes, Monsters, and quests

- New characters, expansion of classes and addition of new skills

- Community elements, such as personal store

- Addition of Raid Episodes

- Addition of Set-items

- New PvP battle system mode

- Addition of Premium items

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