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Winemaker Extraordinaire HD

Joining WordsWorth HD, Prison Mayhem HD and Empire Builder: Ancient Egypt HD on the iPad.

About the games:

Winemaker Extraordinaire HD is a tycoon game that provides players with a chance to experience the exotic life of a Winemaker, buying wineries, tending to vineyards and traveling all over the world in search of Vino Ultimae, the world’s most glorious wine.

WordsWorth HD is the iPad version of the very popular iPhone game WordsWorth which has over 50,000 players. The game requires players to link letters to form words on a beautiful honeycomb structure. The game has been designed to offer players a delightful word game that suits the iPad.

Prison Mayhem HD is a Prison based time management game where players play as Bluto, the prison guard who tries to reform convicts. Players play through 4 different types of prison performing various tasks and guard 12 types of prisoners with unique characteristics.

Empire Builder: Ancient Egypt HD gives players an opportunity to become ancient Egypt's greatest architect and construct monuments to build an empire. Players meet a series of powerful pharaohs and build houses, ports, schools, temples and a variety of other buildings setting up a great civilization.

“The past few months have been exciting times for us as we worked on these 4 great games,” said Anila Andrade of 99Games. “While Winemaker Extraordinaire HD and Empire Builder HD are for Tycoon game lovers, WordsWorth HD and Prison Mayhem HD serve Word and Time Management game fans respectively.

Winemaker Extraordinaire HD and WordsWorth HD are already available on the App Store at an introductory price of $1.99 while the other 2 games are expected to be out in the next 2 weeks.

The other titles developed by 99Games for the iPhone and iPad include The Jim & Frank Mysteries, Mystic Emporium and Create A Mall.

About 99Games:

99Games is all about creating fun, exciting and engaging games for the iPhone, iPad and Mac. In a short span of time, 99Games has released many successful titles on these platforms. We love gaming and believe in creating games that will be cherished by generations together. Games priced from free to premium, ranging from word to puzzle-adventure genre, for casual and hardcore gamers; we have the entire package right here for you. Visit for more details.

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