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Wind Slayer

Horizontal-scrolling MMORPG going strong after 5 years of "fast and dynamic" battles.

(DEC 1, 2010)

Whereas the previous 2D MMORPG market was characterized by cute and charming characters and repeated monster hunts, Wind Slayer had introduced fast and dynamic action and large-scale battle for the first time in 2006 to broaden the horizon of horizontal-scrolling MMORPG.

Hamelin Studio, the developer of Wind Slayer, has established itself as a game producer competing with first-ever, entertaining and comical ideas starting with its online comic sports game “GangJin Soccer” (world’s first online soccer game where up to 20 players simultaneously play soccer) in 2000. It has been developing online games and accumulating service experience through games including JustiShow and SUGURI based on over 10 years of teamwork and knowhow.

Through five years of service, Wind Slayer has accumulated a vast plain of contents including 200 maps of 10 themes, 6 character classes, class-transfer system, 500 types of cash items and item upgrade system. Its core system, the competition system, is operated through 7 modes including Death Match and Capture-the-Flag, along with 3 competition modes including Guild, PVP and Ladder, in order to stimulate the RPG users’ desires to compete for the strongest character.

Furthermore, Wind Slayer’s battles are faster than any other games of the horizontal-scrolling genre, being capable of exciting monster-herding hunts and free use of dozens of skills, which maximize the ecstasy and charm of controlling.

The competition system and monster-herding hunts are the greatest differentiated points compared to Maple Story, which became the attraction point that enabled Wind Slayer to grow steadily and maintain a high level of user loyalty over 5 years.

Another strong point of Wind Slayer is its light client and optimized packet quantity. Despite the massive amount of contents involved, Wind Slayer boasts a low-capacity client within 400M. Also, despite the real-time control of PVP and PVE, the game possesses an efficient network usage rate that is 1/3 of other games, containing the know-how of the developer considering for the variety of user environments.

In November 2010, Wind Slayer’s large-scale update version, “Wind Slayer S”, was opened via test version, and is undergoing large-scale updates of third class-transfer system, new dungeons, functional pets, and cash items. After experiencing the test, users are showing a high level of satisfaction at the quicker and more powerful battles that resulted from the Wind Slayer S update.

About Hamelin

The Duty of Hamelin came from the Pied Piper of Hamelin, and was established in 2003 with the goal of becoming a game captivating the hearts of its users like the legendary pipe sound.

After its establishment, Hamelin has been steadily developing online games at an average of 1 in every 2 years, and boasts the potential of developing the games in such a short period of time with few personnel.

Hamelin is currently servicing two games: Wind Slayer and JustiShow.

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For Further Information (Personnel Contact Info)

Name of P.R. (Business) Manager: Hye-yeong Kim

TEL: 070-4066-3034



Desired Distribution Date for Press Release

Distribution Date: Dec. 1, 2010

Distribution Region: English/Chinese/Japanese speaking areas

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