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Williams Pinball Classics

Ten tables squeezed onto one disc.

Pinball game specialists System 3 today revealed plans to bring the much-loved Williams pinball machines into the hearts and homes of millions with handheld and home versions of Williams Pinball Classics.

Pinball machines filled the hours of many a teenage day and now that nostalgia can be relived in the comfort of your own home or on the move. Williams Pinball Classics will feature stunningly accurate recreations of the 10 most popular Williams tables of all time. Every texture, every flashing light and every sound effect has been lovingly recreated in order to deliver the most accurate simulation of the classic pastime. From the surreal thrills of Funhouse, to the intergalactic delights of Pin Bot, you’ll be whizzed straight back to another time when life was far simpler.

Unrivalled ball physics mean that you can become just as good as you always were. And that classic addictive gameplay means that even newcomers to the art of pinball will be hooked from the first ball. Whether you’re looking for a five-minute blast or fancy mastering all the intricacies of each table, Williams Pinball Classics holds fun for everyone. Now you play with friends too, with multiplayer modes available on all the machines regardless of whether it was present on the original machine.

PSP Features

The portable version of the game will enable you to turn the PSP on its side in order to utilize the vertical screen mode and see even more of the table at any one time!

Wii Features

Supremely accurate graphics combine with the ability to shake the remote and nunchuk in order to nudge the machine left and right!

Williams Pinball Classics – The Facts

- 10 of the most popular Williams pinball tables of all time

- Unrivalled pinball physics

- Accurate and extremely detailed graphical and audio recreation

- PSP version features vertical screen mode and game sharing

- Multiplayer modes on all tables

Format: Wii, PSP

Publisher: System 3

Developer: FarSight Studios

Release: Spring 09

About System 3

Formed in 1982 System 3 is globally renowned for heartwarming entertainment experiences that formed the very foundations of the modern videogames we know and love today.

From the behemoth that was The Last Ninja, to the platforming brilliance of MYTH: History In The Making, to the legendary status of International Karate and the joyous simplicity of Putty Squad, System 3 has been responsible for some of the greatest videogames of the past 27 years.

System 3 is currently building towards the release of Williams Pinball Classics (PSP, PS2, Wii), PowerPlay Pool (DS) and SuperCar Challenge (PS3) in Q1 2009.

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About Farsight Studios

Based in southern California, FarSight Studios specializes in pinball simulations as evidenced by System 3’s Gottlieb Pinball Classics. You can find out more about FarSight Studios at:

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