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Wild West Wendy Rides Into Town!

For Immediate Release

April 20th, 2005 - Yee Haw! Mystery Studio, creators of the critically acclaimed Betty's Beer Bar, announced that their next game, Wild West Wendy is now available for both Mac and PC from their website at In Wild West Wendy you play a cow-girl saloon tender out for revenge against the evil rancher, Hank, who took your family ranch when you were but a child.

Wild West Wendy features three modes of play; in Story Mode you'll guide Wendy from the opening of her own saloon across 9 chapters to the battle with the evil rancher, Hank. Every week the Mystery Epitaph will bring you the latest news from around the town, containing some of the wildest western humor and the occasional "How to cook eggs" recipe. Managing a Saloon is hard work though! In your saloon you'll have to serve drinks, stop fights, keep the robbers out of the cash box, and the cows out of the doorway. Keep an eye out for a variety of friends, enemies, varmints, and wanted criminals who may be stopping by the saloon for a drink!

In Campaign Mode you must duke it out with a rival Saloon owner and conquer the wild west. Make your way across the landscape in the only Saloon owning strategy game that tests your wits and your skills as a wild west waitress. Can Wendy conquer the wild west?

In Time Attack mode it is a race against the clock to make as much money as possible from your Saloon. With a level designed for each chapter from Story Mode it is your time to shine as the best saloon owner west of the Pecos River!

It is drink slinging fun, complete with gunfights, robbers, saloon-brawls, and even a creepy undertaker. Wild West Wendy will show you how the west was won! Download the demo for free from the Mystery Studio website at, Yee Haw!

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